Completed research projects

Project period: 2019 - 2021
Subsidy grantor: Austrian National Bank Jubilee Fund

Impact award for Clara Holzinger's PhD project: Street-level bureaucracies in the context of migration-related heterolingualism video

Project period: 2015 - 2018
Subsidy grantor: NORFACE


  • Scheibelhofer, E., Holzinger, C., Draxl, A.-K. 2021. Linguistic Diversity as a Challenge for Street-Level Bureaucrats in a Monolingually-Oriented Organisation. (Social Inclusion (9/1), 24-34)
  • Amelina, A., Carmel, E., Runfors, A. & Scheibelhofer, E. (Eds.). 2020. Boundaries of European Social Citizenship: EU Citizens' Transnational Social Security in Regulations, Discourses and Experiences. Routledge.
    • Scheibelhofer, E., Holzinger, C. & Regös, E. N.: Navigating the labyrinths of transnational social security: experiences and meaning-making processes of EU migrants when accessing and porting social rights.
    • Regös, E. N., Holzinger, C. & Scheibelhofer, E.: When vicinity divides: transnational social security in the cross-border region of Hungary and Austria.
  • Scheibelhofer, E. & Holzinger, C. 2018. ‘Damn It, I Am a Miserable Eastern European in the Eyes of the Administrator’: EU Migrants’ Experiences with (Transnational) Social Security. (Social Inclusion. (6/3), 201-209)